Fiber Reinforced Plastic: Technology, Process, and Application (May 27 – May 30 2008)

May 9, 2008

Following previous training, REKSOLINDO TRAINING with the endorsement from Material Engineering Laboratory of ITB, will provide public training on Fiber Reinforced Plastic held in Bandung 27 May – 30 May 2008 featuring leading FRP expert Dr.Ir. Hermawan Judawisastra.

FRP is considered as new material and the trend of material transfer to FRP increases recent days. Therefore sufficient knowledge, basic concepts, science and the engineering of FRP and its application become necessary. Successful implementation of material application, material transfer in engineering structures will significantly reduces capital and operational expenditures.
FRP training is recommended for engineering personnel, engineering design, manufature process engineer, facilities engineer, mechanical engineer, process engineer from industry sector:

– Composite Manufacturer;
– Chemical and Petrochemical Plant;
– Pulp and Paper Company;
– Hydrocarbon Process (Unit Pengolahan);
– EPC Companies; etc

More detail provided in the syllabus. (Download Here)

Booking and inquiry please contact: Melda (022-2515378, 022-70303745)


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